Monday, 15 April 2013

Pucker Up For Heavens Sake, There's Never Been So Much At Stake


Today's blog is me somewhat confronting my hoarding for certain things..

There's a stupid amount of things that I hoard, including train tickets, spoons (don't ask..), things relating to birds and bird cages, and empty perfume bottles.

However to limit the amount of crazy in this post I'll just go into detail about four of them..

Empty glass bottles

To be perfectly honest, I have no idea why I feel the need to keep empty glass bottles.. I always have done and they only go when my mum barges in and takes them away, which usually results in me not talking to her for a couple of hours.. I would just like to point out that the three bottles in the picture (there are more hiding around my room) are all a brand of cider called Rekorderlig. If you haven't tried them then GET ON IT!! They don't taste like normal cider, they're so fruity and light, it's ridiculous how fast I can get through a bottle! 


So I have 9 pairs of sunglasses (and another pair on the way..). No, a normal person doesn't need this many pairs of sunglasses. I know that I definitely need two, a prescription pair and a normal pair. But 9? Nah. There are three pairs of Ray Bans in there so you can guess how much I've spent on sunglasses over the last three years...


Now this one genuinely baffles me. There are 9 (and probably more hidden away) lipsticks in my possession. Do I wear them? No. The only time I would wear lipstick is on a night out, and even then I favour a stain/balm over a stick or a gloss. I should really stop buying them but they're just so pretty it's hard to say goodbye!


All aboard the crazy train! Seriously, again, no idea why I need so many pencils. The ones in the picture are only about half of the amount I have, and they're not even colouring pencils..they're normal HB! When I was at school I was all over stationary and was pretty obsessed with having new pens, pencils, pencil cases etc so it's probably stuck from there. Even now at uni, when I only really need a pen if I don't have my laptop, I still buy a new pencil case every year and make sure it's stocked up!

So that's enough crazy for one day...

See you next time :)

*Song used in title - Every You Every Me by Placebo

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